Vinyl Shelf Strips

Custom Printed Vinyl Full Color Shelf Edge Strips

Printed Shelf Strip 7 Inches Long Printed by Shelf Wobblers

What are Shelf Strips?

Shelf strips are custom printed vinyl data strips used for marketing. They are 1.25" tall by any width up to 48" that snap into the channel on the edge of retail store shelves to promote a product, offer a special price, announce a new product, or just to reinforce your branding. They are custom printed full color (4-color process) on .010" (10 mil) vinyl.

What Makes Them So Effective in Marketing?

Because of their small stature, they take advantage of every square inch of marketing real estate. And they do it on the shelves that house your products; a place where buying decisions are made by consumers. With row after row of dull gray shelf edges, your bold graphics will pop! And that can make the difference in whether or not a shopper puts your product into their carts. Inch for inch, they're the biggest little signs in the store.

Why Use Our Shelf Strips

We print them ourselves. In-house. We can screen print them, digitally print them, or UV offset print them. Our eco-friendly inks produce some of the sharpest brightest graphics in the marketing industry. And we print them on heavy-duty rigid vinyl. That means they're easy to snap into channels, not bothered by weather, and impervious to most mild cleaners. That means you can use them in coolers, freezers, and even outdoors too.

You also have flexibility (excuse the pun) with our shelf strips. You can make them virtually any length you need. They can be ordered and used as a stand-alone item or in combination with shelf wobblers and/or aisle violators. We even offer free shelf strip templates to get you started.

Shelf Strip Example Pictures

Custom Printed Vinyl Shelf Data Strip 8.5 inches Long by Shelf Wobblers
8.5" Shelf Strip

12 inch Printed Shelf Strip by Shelf Wobblers
12" Shelf Data Strip

Vinyl Shelf Strip 5 inches Custom Printed by Shelf Wobblers
5" Shelf Channel Strip

7 inch Custom Printed Vinyl Shelf Data Strip by Shelf Wobblers
7" Vinyl Shelf Strip

Shelf Edge Strip 6 inches Printed on Vinyl by Shelf Wobblers
6" Printed Shelf Strip

Vinyl Shelf Channel Strip 12 inch Custom Printed by Shelf Wobblers
12" Custom Printed Shelf Strip

8 inch Custom Printed Vinyl Shelf Strip by Shelf Wobblers
8" Printed Vinyl Shelf Strip
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